Web Design Trends That Are Relevant For The Next Couple Of Years

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In the IT industry innovations come and go daily; what is new today is already outdated tomorrow. Staying relevant in this domain is one of the hardest things. Freelancers and companies who provide web design services need to stay updated with the latest trends, but these trends might not stay with us for a long time, so its important to know which have the potential to remain relevant.

Flat design

Flat design was introduced by Apple with their IOS 7. Since then many big companies used it for their operating systems and their updates. It remained relevant for the industry more and more web design services use flat design in their creations because it has an important functional advantage: it loads quickly. Flat design is also very attractive from an aesthetic point of view and is expected to remain one of the popular trends in web design services for a long time.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling was first used in video games in 1982 and it remained one of the most appealing web design trends to this day. There are multiple ways it can be used, which made it very popular among professionals who offer web design services, aiming to bring as many people as possible to their site and keep them browsing. Parallax scrolling provides a great fluidity to a site, which makes it appealing to the viewer. Internet of things enables the web developer to connect devices from a house to an app. Since it was first used, it changed how we experience technology and it had a huge impact on our homes. IoT enables the user to control their TV, fridge or even door online, from a computer or a smartphone. Companies that offer web design services are now implementing this technology in their apps, following the lead of Apple who is already embedding a Iot in their devices, so this trends is going to be relevant for a lot of time in the world of web design services.

Voice search

Not long ago people were reluctant to use voice search on their devices, but this changed and they are now learning how to use this great feature. At the same time, web design companies are following the lead and they are introducing voice user interface in their projects. This enables the user to communicate with their smartphone or another gadget by using their voice. Forbes named 2017 “the year of voice search” and this trend is only at the beginning of its reign, as web design services plans include this feature.

Mobile optimization

This is already more than a trend, as most people access internet from their mobile devices. Ensuring your site is optimized for mobile is essential. There is a huge difference between mobile optimized and mobile-friendly, so as a web designer you need to focus on creating mobile optimized sites for your clients. When you want to stay relevant and add the latest trends in your web design services you need to think how long are they expected to last. While no one can definitely say that a web design trend is going to last for the next decade, there are some which have been around for years and are going to stay with us, so web design companies focus on them to provide the best product to their clients.