The key elements your WordPress site needs to contain

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When someone opens your website, they will be greeted by the WordPress theme. The colors, the content layout and the fonts are the first elements that will leave an impression on the viewer. The person’s first impression on your brand is given by these elements, so you need to make sure your WordPress site design speaks to the potential client.

Know your key elements

When you are looking for a new theme, you need to know there are two main types of design elements. First, there are the essential ones, which are a must have and can’t be skipped. Then, there are the other elements, which add to the aesthetics of the site. Ask your  WordPress website design company to make a list of both essential and non-essential elements for your site, then work together with the team to establish which ones you are going to keep on your site.

Proper maintenance goes a long way

When you have a WordPress site you need to make sure the theme is properly maintained by the developer. Regular updates ensure the site is going to be working smoothly and is compatible with the latest add ons. A reliable website design company is going to provide you with theme customization and updates for your site, making sure it stays relevant as time goes by. Apart from looking for a good WordPress design you also need to look for a reliable team of developers.


Everyone wants a unique site, but this is not always possible. Even if you start with something that might look unique, it might turn into something less unique. There are two main things to consider in this case: the more unique a site is, the more it will cost and how many similarities you want to accept before changing your site. Most websites start from a theme already available to millions, but as you customize it with your team of developers, it transforms into something unique. Even if there will be elements that are common to hundreds of other sites, your WordPress site can keep its uniqueness. However, the more original the site is, the more expensive it will become. Before you pick the most amazing theme you’ve ever seen, think about how much money you want to invest in originality.

Stick to the purpose of the site

Depending on your business, your site can have a number of purposes. There are presentation sites, e-commerce sites and so on. Picking the key elements and the theme for a WordPress site can easily make you forget about the main purpose. There are so many features out there and so many plugins, so being true to your goal is what will keep your website clutter-free and budget-friendly. This is when the list of must have elements vs nice to have will come in handy to keep everything under control.

Find a reliable website design company and work with them on a list of key features for your website. Once this list is ready, you can see your website coming to life and then add just enough embellishments to make it unique.