When Is The Right Time To Change Your Websites Design?

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Your website is going to be the first thing many potential clients/ customers see which is why it always needs to look its best! A graphic design agency can help you achieve this, but things will need updating eventually won’t they?

Meaning that sooner or later, your website will need refreshing, it might only need a few minor touches, or it could need a complete re-design. But when is the right time to change your websites design? Well there’s no one answer to that it depends on a number of different factors and there’s no one rule to follow.

However, if you’re feeling a certain way every time you look at your website or it’s simply not offering everything it should or properly representing your business then it’s time for a change. Below I’ve outlined some of the main things to look out for, so if any of these apply to your website it might be time to call in a professional graphic design agency.


It’s Boring or Outdated

There’s a saying amongst most graphic design agencies that says a website is never truly finished! Things will always need to be updated and while this is usually small things like new features and pages being added it can mean a lot more work. Websites have grown a lot over the last few years haven’t they? So, adding additional features might mean your whole website needs updating.

So, if your website is looking like a throwback to the dial-up days then it’s time to think about making some upgrades. Similarly, if your website is simply boring to look at and use then a professional graphic design agency can help. Even small touches like adding new colours and changing the layout can make a big impact.


It’s Difficult To Navigate

Websites come in all sizes, but even huge sprawling sites should be easy to navigate if someone can’t find the information they need quickly they aren’t likely to stick around. So, if using your website is starting to feel like navigating a maze it’s time to call in a graphic design agency.

We’ll be able to help streamline your website and make it much easier for people to find their way around. Designing a website isn’t just about colours, images and other cosmetic features it goes far deeper. Remember a mobile design is essential in this day and age and your website will need to be easy to navigate across both platforms.


It Wasn’t Made By A Professional

Despite how important websites are today many people won’t turn to a professional to design and build theirs. Start-up businesses, in particular, will often go to an amateur web designer, a friend or family member or you might even try to build your website yourself.

This might make sense in the early days of your businesses development, but it should only be a temporary measure. Anyone hoping to have a professional website should go to a professional graphic design agency to get one.

So, if your website wasn’t made by a professional then you’ll need to change that. It might save you money in the short-term by going to a friend or family member but in the long term, it will have a negative effect on your business.


It Doesn’t Properly Represent Your Business

Businesses change and grow all the time and your website will need to grow alongside it to ensure it always properly represents it. You can, of course, update your website alongside the growth of your business yourself but eventually, you’ll need to get it redesigned. This way you can ensure your website properly represents your modern services and character.


It Has A High Bounce Rate

Let’s get technical for a moment, shall we? If visitors to your website leave after only visiting one page then you’ll find yourself with a high bounce rate. The average bounce rate will vary from industry to industry but it’s usually around 45 – 50%.

If your bounce rate is higher than that then it’s a big indicator that something is wrong with your website. Which is why you should think about calling in a graphic design agency to help you redesign it and workout how it can be improved to help ensure visitors actively engage with the site.


You’re Just Not Happy With It

Probably one of the most common reasons people change their businesses website is because they just don’t like it. If you’re always thinking about how your website could be better or how you wish something was different then go ahead and get it done. If you’re not happy with your website call in a graphic design agency to help you get it back in working order.

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